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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Any tips for all the drivers? 
A: Be confident when you are driving your passengers. DON'T PANIC. Panic is infectious and will likely spread to your passengers. Panicked passengers have been observed to be more likely to act irrationally. You don't want this. Your passenger likely won't know if you've accidentally made a wrong turn as long as you confidently continue toward your destination. Everybody be cool and everything will be alright. 
Q: I really want to take pictures or get autographs of tennis players. What is the rule? 
A: As per the volunteer guide: 
NEVER ask for photos or autographs of players while in uniform or wearing your accreditation, or participate in any fan activities, promotions or giveaways. When in back of house, asking for photos or autographs of players is strictly prohibited at all times. Do not go in restricted areas unless required by your volunteer duties.
As a volunteer, your pass may give you access to ‘behind the scenes’ areas. However, these areas should only be accessed while on duty, and never when you are off shift or on break. During these times, all volunteers should treat their accreditation like a grounds pass.
If you are caught abusing your accreditation privileges you will be removed from the volunteer program.
Please, for your sake and ours, don't test the limits of this policy. If you have any questions about this policy, let me know. 
Q: I have a scheduling issue. What do I do? 
A: The sooner you tell me about your scheduling issues, the easier it will be for me to resolve it. So delay at your own peril! Email me ASAP at 
Q: I have year of service related questions, including potential invites to the pin ceremony. What do I do? 
A: Email with a detailed listing of your concerns. 
Q: I am a new volunteer. Can I come in earlier to get familiar with the cars, the routes, the setup, etc? 
A: Yes, we would even encourage it. New volunteers are welcome to come in on Wednesday July 31 (after 2pm), Thursday Aug 1 or Friday Aug 2 (before 11am) to try out the cars, even drive the cars to the airport, the hotels and so on. If you wish to do this, please email me at Note that this is an optional. It is by no means mandatory. 
Q: I am signed up for a 6 hour shift. Will I be driving all six hours? 
A: I hope not. There should be down time between your drives - in which time you will be able to recharge and all that. With any luck, we will have enough volunteers so that no one is sitting in the car for hours and hours on end. That is not my idea of fun. That should not be your idea of fun either. If you need a quick break, let your dispatchers know. 
Q: I am signed up for a double shift. Will I be driving for all twelve hours? 
A: See above. 
Q: I hear sometimes there is a bit of down time while I wait until my name reaches the top of the board. How do you suggest I pass the time? 
A: While either at the site or the hotel, feel free to peruse available reading material or watch TV in the waiting areas. If you are on-site, you can wander the grounds as well, but only after you have informed the dispatcher. You can even bring your own (e)books. Also feel free to be social with the other drivers and volunteers too! 
Q: Can I park at the hotels? 
A: Free parking is available at the Hilton Suites (uptown) when you are on shift ONLY. If you are not on shift, please make your way to the Rexall Centre and park in D Lot. Make sure you have your Tennis Canada Parking pass. Please confirm with the dispatcher to ensure you are parked in the proper place. Parking is unfortunately not available at the Toronto Hilton (downtown). 
Q: I started my shift at the hotel. How will I get back to the hotel? 
A: We will provide get you back to your starting point (either self-drive or be driven as part of an uptown or downtown hotel run), or drop you off along the route back to the hotel. You do not have to leave right after your shift. Plan to give a dispatcher approximately 30 minutes so they can ensure that your request fits within our operational parameters. 
Q: I want to change my morning start location. What do I do? 
A: Email me to let me know. Do remember that TTC subway service on Sundays starts at 8am. Keep this in mind if you want to start downtown on Sunday mornings. 
Q: I cannot find my car in the parking lot. The key remote has a Panic button. I think I can find my car quicker if it makes noise. Should I press this button? 
A: Please don't. Absolutely don't do this. Remember that annoying horn that wouldn't stop last time you watched the Rogers Cup on television? Especially after the umpire said "Quiet Please"? You don't want that to be your vehicle. If you can't find your vehicle, return to the Transportation desk and ask for another vehicle. 
Q: I am in the Holding Lot at the airport. Others have come and gone while I am waiting. Did you forget about me? 
A: Hopefully not! Your passenger's flight might be delayed; their baggage might still be in Europe or on a plane to the other Toronto in New South Wales, Australia. We may have had to switch up vehicles to accommodate unexpected requests. We will endeavour to ensure that you are not stuck in the cell phone lot. Feel free to check in with the dispatcher if you have concerns. 
Q: I am in the Holding Lot at the airport. May I use the washroom facilities there? 
A: Yes. Say hello to the other drivers from the pre-arranged limo/taxi companies too. They might want to drive tennis players in future years too. In that case, you can tell them how to sign up to volunteer as we can always use more drivers. 
Q: How do I take advantage of the volunteer discount for tickets?